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The first digital CV platform designed for you, with elegance in mind.

Veno is an all-in-one digital CV platform for every individual, from developers, researchers, designers, students, photographers, to all unique you!

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Why Veno?

Are you feeling ignored in the social media chaos? Fed up with style over substance? Veno is here to help!

We believe in a digital world where your work, your ideas, and your potential rise above the noise. That’s why we’ve built Veno – an elegant, distraction-free platform designed to showcase your professional journey.

Whether you’re a developer meticulously crafting code, a researcher sharing groundbreaking findings, a designer shaping the future of user experience, or a student building a compelling curriculum vitae, Veno provides a focused space for your achievements to shine.

High Five

Imagine a digital CV that prioritizes depth and clarity, not mindless scrolling and fleeting trends. That’s the power of Veno. We’re building a community where excellence speaks for itself – a place where your story unfolds with intention.

Join us, and let’s cut through the chaos to focus on what truly matters.

Lingxi Li

Founder of Veno

Veno is limitless.

You can build a lot of things with Veno, from a digital CV, personal website, design portfolio, to anything you can imagine. Explore your unique use cases with our live examples.

Digital CVImprove your visibility to the world and land your dream job with a modern, clean, and professional CV.

Live Demo

Personal WebsiteGain more audiences by shaping your unique personal branding with vivid storytelling, rich media, and a touch of elegance.

Research ShowroomStand out from peer researchers with your academic achievements in a polished showcase that echoes the precision of LaTeX references.

Live Demo

This could be you!

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Full Academic Support

Technical BlogEmbrace community engagement with a true focus on content, and let your technical writings shine with elegance and clarity.

Live Demo

This could be you!

Design PortfolioElevate your design narratives with compelling case studies that showcase your creative process and problem-solving skills.

Interactive Editor

Photography GalleryShock your audience with how elegant and engaging your photography works can be.

Live Demo

This could be you!

Personal Art MuseumSmoothen your art journey with a gallery that is as elegant as your artworks.

Your Portfolio

Product ChangelogWow your users with a beautiful changelog that keeps them informed and engaged.

Live Demo

This could be you!

Lab HomepageEngage your lab members and collaborators with a professional and informative lab homepage.

Build Anything You Can Imagine

Uniqueness is your superpower.

Veno provides a diverse set of features to help you build a personal website that is unique and stands out. Beyond personal branding, it is also a great tool for project updates, studio homepage, and more.

Some of the above features are still in development and will be available in the public release.

Some features use AI to present you in the best light. We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Would you like to join our exploration?

Veno is still at an early development stage. We are looking for early adopters to join our exploration. If you are interested in trying out Veno and providing feedback before mass release, join our waitlist now.

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